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What an incredible day to end the 2019 EnduroGP season! With the supreme title of EnduroGP – overall Champion – still to be decided, Brad FREEMAN (GB-Beta) gave it his all. And at the tender age of 23 he has taken the first EnduroGP title of his career. This incredible day in the sport also saw the world E2 crown awarded, as well as the Women’s World Cup.

Brad FREEMAN (GB-Beta) continues to fly the Union Jack high. He is also the first rider to end Steve HOLCOMBE (GB-Beta)’s reign. The young Brit, who is participating in only his second season in the senior classes, has shown a maturity and speed beyond that of many of his older rivals. We must also remember that this season has not been easy for FREEMAN, the Beta Boano rider broke his collarbone at the GP of Greece and had to ride in searing in pain to conquer this supreme title. In addition to his E1 crowns in 2018 and 2019, and his Junior crown in 2017, FREEMAN adds a 4th star to his list. All this bodes well for the future of the incredibly talented young rider.

What a performance from Loïc LARRIEU (FRA-TM) today! Encouraged and boosted by the French fans, he attacked all day on Sunday, winning no fewer than 6 tests. The TM rider intelligently built up his lead and kept an eye on his opponent’s pace, upping his pace only when needed. LARRIEU takes his first world title, in E2, on home soil – what better way to do it?

LARRIEU also owes his performance to an exceptional Alex SALVINI (ITA-Honda), who pushed him to his absolute limits. SALVINI put the knife between his teeth, winning the first test of the day and pushing throughout Sunday’s long and challenging race. The Italian made very few mistakes, and went into the lion’s den of LARRIEU fans with all the bravery we would expect from him. ‘Rocky’ finished 2nd overall in a Grand Prix that could easily have turned out in his favour.

Steve HOLCOMBE also fought gallantly all day. Freshly crowned in the E3 class, Steve promised to throw everything into the ring to try and beat FREEMAN, but this year it simply wasn’t enough. Steve at the head of the day’s standings at the end of the second lap, could do nothing to stop the charge of Loïc LARRIEU and Alex SALVINI. He finished 3rd in this last GP of a difficult season.

Brad FREEMAN was 4th overall, doing ‘just enough’. Meanwhile, 2018 Junior World Champion Matteo CAVALLO (ITA-Sherco) impressed everyone in his first Senior season, taking another Top 5 spot overall today.
The E2 class was extremely exciting on this second day of racing in France. Loïc LARRIEU became World Champion for the first time in his career, and in impressive fashion. Mastering the French terrain, he admitted he had to push all day. Alex SALVINI was a fantastic rival for LARRIEU, he always gives his all and fights with aggression and finesse. But the Italian once again had to swallow the heartbreak of losing out on the last day of the year. Behind this pair on the E2 podium was an ever-improving Joe WOOTTON (GB-Husqvarna).

In E1, FREEMAN won at the expense of CAVALLO and Davide GUARNERI (ITA-Honda).
Meanwhile, Steve HOLCOMBE won the last E3 race of the year in front of his super-consistent compatriot, Danny MCCANNEY (GB-TM) and the legendary champion Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA-Gas Gas), who has just taken part in his last GP.